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May 2016 - January 2019

Freelance Fabricator

June 2012 - present

Design and fabrication of various props for various workshops and film productions; sculpting, moulding, poly carving, fibre glassing, casting, armature building, hair punching, feather laying, taxidermy, anatomical reconstruction, fabrication of large scale artist/museum installations.

Company Director  - Cinesthetic Limited

As a joint director, I oversaw the creative and fabrication output, and the day to day running of the business; booking freelancers, organising budgets, work flow and deadlines. Client list: Jubba / Amazon, Hel’s Angels / The Body Shop, Vollebak, Dixon-Baxi / Eurosport, Mika Punch Inc, Candle & Bell


I finished my Fine Art National Diploma with a Triple Distinction, studied illustration at UWE, graduated in 2008 and went straight into work at Bolex Brothers Studios. I spent the next few years gaining experience in various prop houses. In 2012 I studied for one year of my MA in animation at the RCA. Since then I’ve been creating costumes, props and puppets for live-action and animated films, for large and small film and television productions, as well as exhibition pieces for artists and museums.




Stasera Casa Mika/Rai 1 - Monster costumer, design & HOD // STINE, Candle & Bell/KatWood - ‘Stine’ character fabrication // Squeal, C4/Lucy Campbell - additional model maker // Fearless, ITV/Mammoth Productions - props maker // Scratches in the Dark, Charlie Bentley - props maker // Sebastian and Them, Benjamin Bee - props maker // A Monster Called Charles, RP Wilson - monster costumer HOD // Chop Chop, Christohper Granier-Deffere - props maker // The Pig Child, Lucy Campbell - prosthetic and props HOD // Nosferatu in Love, Sky Arts - prosthetic design HOD // Girl Power, Benjamin Bee - props maker // He Took His Skin Off For Me, Ben Aston - special effects HOD


General model making & costume fabrication skills • Fur-transfer, hair punching, taxidermy, sculpture • Moulding, casting, basic carpentry, basic sewing • Budgeting, supervisory, project management • Creative-problem-solving, highly organised


Stand Creative // Mangostone // Jag Props // Amalgam // Propworks (Lizzie Props) // MDM // Jubba // Amazon // The Bodyshop // Mika Punch Inc // Vollebak // Eurosport // Film4 // SkyArts // 

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